Learning to Read

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

The clock ticks away,

My eyes stare at the blank space,

The brain is frozen for some reason,

I let out a deep sigh,

As boredom begins to sink in,

Oh, whatever shall I do?

A sideways glance later,

And my eyes fall upon a book on the floor,

A book titled “Emotional Intelligence”,

Intrigued, I pick it up and begin to read,

For the first time in years,

I finally read something,

Something I am not used to,

Yet I enjoyed and learned something from it,

Soon, I search for more books and begin reading,

This is beyond my comfort zone,

For I had forgotten what reading meant,

Now I know and appreciate every moment.




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Damilola Abiola

Damilola Abiola

Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.

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