A Question Of Time

A Poem

Photo by Maycon Marmo from Pexels

What is quality time?
Is it a time that we enjoy,
or is it a time that we spent being productive?
This time can be spent in the murky shadows.
It can be spent in the salmon pink dawn,
pouring in through the window panes.
The borders melting and raining down
onto the chopping board full of onions.
Quality time was not meant to be,
physically I mean.
It kills me each time I let my
mind wander too far…
Milky tears…




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Courtenay S. Gray

Courtenay S. Gray

Courtenay S. Gray is a writer from the North of England. You’ll find her work in an array of journals such as A Thin Slice of Anxiety, Hobart Pulp, and more.

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