Moonboy I

Photo by the Author

Moonboy was still in diapers when we discovered him staring up at you, and then he became moonboy

Through cloud cover he could track you — we’d hold him up, move him in a circle ’til he smiled

And at night, we could peak into his room, and even if you were on the other side of the world, it seemed an errant beam lit his face

Then math came along, and science, and when he learned of the actual distances involved, the space between you grew with each trip ‘round the sun

But perhaps… on a clear night, you might peak over the horizon and find his face?
And his girlfriend might see a moment of moonboy, in between beginner kisses




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Luke DeLalio

Luke DeLalio

Artsie and loquacious, Luke hangs out at the intersections of humor and regret, ambition and ambivalence, please more wine and jeez I need to lose weight.

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