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August Interview with The Brain is a Noodle

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August took me by surprise. In comparison to last year, where three months seemed like a year, this year is going by so quickly.

The new month always means some of my favorite publications release new prompts for the month. I always look forward to them as they stimulate my creativity. Many of these are enjoyable to do, including the monthly interview from The Brain is a Noodle.

This set of questions really made me dig deep and consider some things that I didn’t have perfect clarity on before or served as a reminder of where I’d like to go with my writing. Thank you Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她). I love your consistent creative prompts for so many forms of writing.

August Interview Questions

[1] What’s a new technique or topic you’d like to try writing about?

I’m beginning to write more about bullet journaling. It’s a process of capturing thoughts in bulleted lists and collections. It’s a productivity system as well as a creative outlet. The system allows you to create a planner that is open to anything that you might throw at it, it can be a journal entry, a productivity tool, a sketchbook or even just a place to capture quotes or lists. I journaled for three years: 2016 to 2019. I quit during an emotionally trying November. I’m beginning to pick it back up though: for organizing, mental health, and creativity. I’d like to share as I relearn the process and the pages I’m creating.

[2] What are your top three values in life? What are they your main values?

Three of my top values are authenticity, learning and creativity.

Authenticity can sometimes be a double-edged sword. It’s about being true to yourself and showing others the real you. For me, it’s about embracing the whole human experience and not really hiding what I feel. It’s about having tough discussions that can either terminate friendships or build them up. Not everyone loves the gritty and not so perfect, but I’d rather be 100% me than try to wear a mask.

Learning- many friends have told me that I should be back in school. I’m naturally curious. If something catches my attention, I can easily spend hours going through information to learn everything I can about it. I adore reading (and usually read 75–100 a year) and my writing often reflects the big and small lessons I’m learning. I also enjoy challenges like 30-day writing challenge, going 6 months buying essentials only or spending a year doing 30-day spirituality challenges.

Creativity- I thoroughly enjoy things like organizing, finding multiple uses for the same thing or repurposing them, and working through crafts. It’s what feeds my soul. I feel endorphins after cleaning out and decluttering a space. I feel joy while working on a bullet journal spread or writing poetry.

[3] If you only had 5-minutes to squeeze in some mental health / self-care time, what would you do?

2 minutes meditation and 3 minutes free-writing. One makes me grounded, the other helps me clear my thoughts and get the frustration out.

[4] What is one story, tradition or myth about death that has been passed down your family?

The Rainbow Bridge. That our pets that pass wait for us at a place called the Rainbow Bridge. Here they are free from pain, and taken care of. As I have an older dog that has not officially been diagnosed with lymphoma but is suspected of having it, part of me needs to believe that it’s real. The dog, Tucker, is my best friend and constant companion.

[5] If you could have a magic wand to zap away one food in life and never have it exist again, what would it be?

I’m a pretty picky eater as it is. I avoid foods I’m not into for those I like. So, no matter what I would put here, it would sound petty because I don’t eat it anyway.

If I had to choose, I’d say that I’d go with tomato soup. Tried it once and hated it instantly.


  • Favourite podcast app? I have Spotify
  • Favourite app on your phone? Libby! It’s an ebook and audiobook service through my local library. It got me through the pandemic and months where I couldn’t go to physical libraries.
  • Favourite piece of technology? My cell phone.
  • Favourite person? my mom- for constantly inspiring and challenging me.
  • Favourite kitchen item? mixing bowls. I enjoy baking!

Articles to share

  • Your top piece last month: I’ve fallen in love with shortform in the past two months. I wrote about my process and the ways I approach my work here:
  • A piece that deserves more love
  • A piece that starts with the letter M
  • A piece that is more than 3 minutes
  • A poem

Thank you for reading my work today. I appreciate the time given. Thank you to The Brain is a Noodle for being a fantastic source of inspiration and keeping my idea wheels turning. If interested in taking the interview, you can find the questions here;




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