A place for all things bite-sized! A collection of poetry and shortform pieces! 🧠🍜 We have daily poetry prompts, weekly shortform prompts and now introducing, monthly essay prompts!

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jack has a glamour kills clothing line called jagk. (alex thought of the name)

Grow onions in a teapot

Interlude: In which Pamelapolis discusses all the convenient prosopagnosia with Boccaccio and…

Dear Doctor, I Have an Earworm: Janis Joplin is Stuck in My Brain

Hapless dog representing earworm victim.

Hey, Riddle Me This, MTA

[PDF] Download The Instant Pot?

A Forced Break To Rethink Life

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Adam Deitsch

Adam Deitsch

Adam is an Environmental Science student and Climate Speaker. He’s is a contributing author for several Medium publications, and founder of Just The Recipe.

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