#WritingPrompt: what counts as art?

Poetry: ‘Real’ Art

What do you think ‘counts’?

Cnavas with 3D hands emerging from it, holding a bunch of flowers
Photo by Martí Alonso on Unsplash

you will tell me
a single square
painted on canvas
by some rich dude
with a name
that commands
is some grand-masterwork,
despite the fact
that I can
reproduce it
in 10 minutes or less
with a
pot of paint
and a brush
(…and the emperor
is truly naked)



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Cee Arr

Cee Arr


Writer, (book) blogger, reader, poet @ dorareads.co.uk , Queer, weird, bookish rebel. Welsh as a tractor on the M4. She/Her. Buy me a coffee @ ko-fi.com/ceearr