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The flames consume her,
Yet not a single tear on her cheek,
No ounce of remorse nor care,
Her enemies begin to rage and freak,
They increase the intensity of the flames,
They try to break her spirit,
But alas for them, she has no time for their games,
For she is reborn anew from the ashes like the Phoenix,
Her cold glare striking fear into their souls.
A Queen does not bow down to fools,
Neither is she one to compromise with anyone,
She does not sell herself short,
She does not beg for attention,
Rather she just naturally commands that attention,
All eyes are on her once she enters the room,
People would judge but their opinions say more about them than about her,
There are enemies everywhere ready to take her down,
But she is always prepared to fight tooth and nail for her Queendom,
Her soul might be damaged,
But she still holds her head up high despite everything.




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Damilola Abiola

Damilola Abiola

Ready to hang with this fox?!! The name is Damilola Abiola and I am a Content Writer who also looks forward to starting a Proofreading and Copywriting business.

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