Reimagining Righteous Anger

I’m reading two books which deal with shadow, a topic I’m drawn to like moth to flame.

Photo by Sushil Nash on Unsplash

Each offers reclamation and healing solutions, but I’m not there yet. Jennifer Natalya Fink dissects the eradication of disability lineage. Dr. Gail Parker interrogates ethnic and race-based stress and trauma.

There is no point in plowing through. I know that would only harden my edges. I feel my anger well up, at and I have to keep putting these books down. I read a little, then move the discomfort through my body, metabolizing it, awakening to truth. Rage is an argument with reality — one I can’t win. Anger is protective, but my desire to save those who have received injustice is misplaced. I can only open up, and allow each book to unspool its reclaiming, reimagining, and healing wisdom into me.

Thanks for the prompt Lucy Dan 蛋小姐 (she/her/她).

Kate Lynch (she/her): I’m the eldest daughter of 4. I don’t shy away from discomfort, but I’m still learning how to step back and trust others with the torch. Shadow emotions are the fertile playground of my creativity. Hit this 💌 button, and you’ll get notified the next time I write something for you. Not a Medium member yet? Join here to support writers (like me ♥) and get full access to every story. 🐰🕳




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Kate Lynch

Kate Lynch

Mindfulness & yoga for parents of intense neurodivergent kids. Upcoming book: Mindfully Parenting Atypical Kids. Subscribe to connect!

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