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The Brain is a Noodle Weekly Newsletter | Week 4!

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I want to know how your week went!

  • Did you know that mattresses are supposed to be rotated/ flipped regularly?
  • What was the highlight of your week?
  • What’s one thing you want to schedule ahead so that you can make sure everyone involved can make it? (*akhem, online board game nights, I’m looking @ you).
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The Brain is a Noodle*

*This is factually incorrect. Please absolutely do not go out and eat brains.

Try your hand at these!

  1. Black from Darkness (a Halloween Haiku)
  2. Candy Corn from Candy Corn (Halloween Haiku)
  3. Horror, Apples, Candy, Orange, Leaves, Movies, Sweaters from The Sequel
  4. Punctuation. Your piece can explore punctuation as a concept, be devoid of punctuation as a statement, be solely constructed of commas. Just be you, as Amy Marley says :). from …?
  5. Reciprocity. from Tendencies

Take a sip of these!

James G Brennan
Decaying (poem)

Need inspiration before you tackle this week’s poetry prompts? Here’s last week’s batch!

Punctuation by Rochelle Silva

We don’t have to let the algorithm decide what we get to read. Here are my manually saved faves!

Let’s play a game of monopoly — USA edition by Lincoln W Daniel

The difference that matters by Aisha Mustapha

I wish I knew how by Salma Alaa

Adjunct professor or woman dating a dude who won’t commit: who said it? by Jennie Young

Unforgettable by Imad

Let your art heal your heart by Juliette Roanoke

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The Eggcademic Corner

  • Secondly, it’s the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend so I’m curling up on my soft mattress and finishing some reading!
  • Finally, pineapple does go on pizza, that’s all.

Celebrate with me!

  1. Pumpkin (a Halloween Haiku)
  2. The Story of How I Learned You Could Clap More Than Once (a story of instant regret 🚨)
  3. 3 Ways to Tackle Chores on Bad Days

Give these a little love, will ya?

Final thoughts for the week

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