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The Brain is a Noodle Newsletter || Week #6

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I want to know how your week went!

  • Are you someone who celebrates Halloween? How is celebrating Halloween this month going? Or, if you don’t celebrate, what are your goals nearing the end of October?
  • Tell me about your favourite form of pie — are you a savory pie person? Or a sweet pie person?
  • What’s one five-minute task that you’ve been pushing off forever? Get up and do it.
Photo by Alexandra Tran on Unsplash

The Brain is a Noodle*

*This is factually incorrect. Please absolutely do not go out and eat brains.

🍜 Piping Hot New(dle) Pieces of the Week

Take a sip of these!

Not quite Steve Fisher
Dylan Had It Right

Jay Avery
Kayak Ride

Dana Sanford
Too Spooky

Jenine Bsharah Baines
Candy Corn Martini

Jacobo the First
1 Surprising Way Art Serves as a Means of Expression

Rochelle Silva
A Multihued Blanket

✍ Weekly Poetry Prompts

Try your hand at these! 🎃

Vietnamese coffee

Zombie Kid



“A Good Book”
A Good Book



“Baked Goods”
Baked Goods

Lol can we just appreciate that I was absolutely not remotely creative with these haiku titles? I’ll do better next week, promise. 👻

📝 Poetry Responses

Need inspiration before you tackle this week’s poetry prompts? Here’s last week’s batch!

Alexandra Forsyth
Tarot Cards for the prompt “Tarot Cards”

🔊 Amazing Voices to Amplify

We don’t have to let the algorithm decide what we get to read. Here are my manually saved faves!

If you feel like the left out friend, read this by Salma Alaa

There’s a world much bigger by Imad

Would teaching school outdoors give public education a chance for revival in the US? by Aimée Gramblin

Flowery Rain by Sneha Mankar

Covid and Paranoia by Imad

Huge shoutout and thanks to Aimée Gramblin for being the inspiration behind this new formatting that would group lists in an organized way (answer: quote format #1). This is absolutely taken from her gorgeous Age of Empathy newsletters, which you should hop on and subscribe to right now!

Photo by Solveig Smørdal Botn on Unsplash

The Eggcademic Corner

🥓 Quick brEGGfast Bites

What I’m watching: Master of None
What I’m reading: Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid
What I’m listening to: Holo by Lee Hi

Pl🍳t Developments

  • I discovered Jackbox games, which are virtual board games you can play on your physically distanced game nights! My favourites so far are FIBBAGE (a lying game 👀) and DRAWFUL (drawing game 🎨).
  • I got a tiny egg pan. It brings me joy. 🍳
  • I made pork bone broth this week and paired it with a meal prep of rice and it’s heavenly, should I post a recipe?

🎊 Top 3 articles of the week

Celebrate with me!

😭 Flop 3 articles of the week

Give these a little love, will ya?

Final Thoughts

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

This week I turned my lifelong dream of having a pan dedicated to cooking eggs of the right size into a reality, what is your dream? 🍳



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