Under the Sea

A sight from under the sea

Image by 俊 何 from Pixabay

Blue as the sky
Filled with might
As waters sigh
In currents of fight

Bubbles and speckles
Splashing on waves
Nubbles and freckles
Crashing on caves




A place for all things bite-sized! A collection of poetry and shortform pieces! 🧠🍜 We have daily poetry prompts, weekly shortform prompts and now introducing, monthly essay prompts!

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Vijini Mallawaarachchi

Vijini Mallawaarachchi

PhD Student 🇱🇰 at ANU 🇦🇺 | Computational Genomics 👩🏻‍🔬🧬 | Data Science 👩🏻‍💻 | Music 🎵 | Astronomy 🔭 | Travel 🎒 | vijinimallawaarachchi.com

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