Who Cares

You’re still a good person.

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“You know what I’d really like to say? I’m drunk! That’s right, Mom and Dad, your little old "Harmomica" is hammered. And guess what? I’ve been drunk before. And I’ve smoked a cigarette. You know what, it’s all okay. It’s okay because I turned 30 today. And I can do anything I want. Because I am a grown-up.” — Monica Gellar, Friends




A place for all things bite-sized! A collection of poetry and shortform pieces! 🧠🍜 We have daily poetry prompts, weekly shortform prompts and now introducing, monthly essay prompts!

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Divina Grey

Divina Grey

Healing wounds and taking names. 🤘🎸💜 Contact me at divinasrelease@gmail.com.

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