The Nature of Time

The concept of time is often misunderstood.

Time isn’t linear. Time isn’t an undeviating river. That time is unswerving is an assumption that unfortunately hasn’t been challenged, and is indeed a wrong one.

Time can be bended. Some forces of nature may break the thick walls of time, and travel back in time. No matter can travel into the future, simply because there is no particular progression leading to that consequence, meaning that the explanation falls upon itself and the matter travelling ceases to exist. Now, these forces of nature let some matter travel back in time, leading to variations in the original progression. Depending on what significance the matter plays in original progression, there is a set number of diversions that would be caused due to the matter traveling back in time, creating an equivalent number of parallel universes. Each diversion leads to these parallel universes. Determining the number of diversions depends upon the complexity of the change caused in the original progression, and in certain cases, the number of diversions is impossible to decipher.

To make it simpler to understand, taking an example would prove to be effectual. Let us assume that there exists a person X in the original progression, say PA. In PA, every decision X makes leads to a different outcome, no matter how small it is. For every decision made, there exist options considered but not taken, and the worlds made of consequences that would have occurred if those particular options had been chosen are simple erased, because they do not exist in real time. However, if we contemplate eliminating X, there exist two progressions diverging from PA, say PB and PC. If X stays, PA flows into PB, which is similar to PA, and flows just like it. Fundamentally, there is no difference between PA and PB. But if we remove X’s existence, then PA flows into PC, which is a universe without X. X is removed from history, and everyone that knew X in PA has no memories of X in PC. It is important to note that killing X and erasing X are completely different, since killing X would simply be a consequence in PA, whereas erasing him would lead to the creation of PC.

So, why am I on about this? Well, that’s because starting today, I am dedicating my life to inventing a device which allows an individual to transverse from the unfortunate current day and go back to the golden days. No kidding.

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