Strategize your Brand like a Power Lifter

You might assume that power lifters gain strength by lifting big. That they constantly challenge themselves to put more weight on the bar, and find results when it’s successfully pressed. But in fact, that’s not correct.

Yes, power lifting is the act of lifting enormous sums of weight. But any seasoned power lifter will tell you the strategy behind getting there involves constantly changing routine. Placing extra focus on the small, support muscles. Only then will the primary muscle be able to achieve the goal of lifting more and more. No, it’s not glamorous. And, yes, it’s a lot of hard work. But it does get results.

So why not take a similar approach to brand strategy. Ludicrous? Not really. A one-focus brand can certainly have a loyal following. But it will fail to grow and attract new audiences.

Brands are strongest when they focus on the complete picture. It’s not just about the ‘big’ goal. Rather, it’s when they push grass roots efforts. Try new and innovative tactics. Success is found most when they seek to make the brand strong in all the areas that aren’t a main focus, so by the time they do push the main efforts, the brand is already synonymous.

It’s why Corona is a lifestyle brand. Why Virgin America is an experience brand. It’s what propelled Netflix to go from a DVD company to a major content distributor. And brought Amazon from books to, well, everything.

Take a step back… really analyze your whole brand. When was the last time you focused on the small parts? Are you diversifying your efforts enough? If not, maybe it’s time to craft a new strategy to push your brand.

Originally published at The Branded Approach.