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Are You a Writer If You Don’t Feel Like Writing Every Day?

Hey, Brave Writers!

Here are the 5 most popular stories of last week, and the three latest 💛

💻 The Brave Marketer

A Quick Guide to Repurposing Writing for Social Media by Fab Giovanetti

Ideas for Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and even TikTok.

One of the biggest struggles amongst writers is how to share their content on social media. Most people copy and paste their links, but is that enough? How can you stand out?

In her latest piece, Fab talks about how to share your content on social media to give value rather. From Twitter to TikTok, she’ll give you tips and examples that’ll help you curate your own social media content.

💡 5 most popular stories this week

Are You a Writer If You Don’t Feel Like Writing Every Day? by Itxy Lopez

The reality of being a writer.

Forget Niches: Write About What You Care About by Luba Sigaud

If you don’t, you’ll quickly lose motivation to write.

Why You Need To Publish Your First Draft by Renée Kapuku

Create your best work — all in one sitting.

The Secret to Breaking Word Count Goals by N. K. Carlson

This tip is guaranteed to increase your word count.

When Is The Best Time To Be Creative? by Sana Rose

Passion and neuroplasticity vs. inspiration in creativity.

🖋 Latest stories

Bored with your Writing Routine? Create Multiple Routines Instead by Yvonne Handy

Switch things up and revitalize your writing.

Writing Sales Copy Doesn’t Mean You’re Selling Out by Shannon Owings

As a writer, there is nothing wrong with being paid to write.

Break the Rules and Thrive on Any Blogging Platform by Rajpal Abeynayake

The only way to make it… is to break it.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did! See you soon 🤘🏼



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