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How I Transformed My Writing Fear to an Exciting Pursuit with Stubborn Consistency

My four nuggets of wisdom from one year of hard work will inspire you in chasing your dream.

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In my one year of writing, I’ve boosted my creativity and helped people with my words.

Most people I’ve met wanted to include an activity out of interest as a hobby.

There is one friend who took writing seriously and hit it off. She made it to 100 days of her writing challenge.

Fear clarifies where to project your energy.

I know what challenges a rookie faces in a creative pursuit. I’ve been through a similar emotional valley you might be facing right now.

If I blabber about all my dark times in writing, we’ll be homies in a split second.

Once I sat down to find my “why” for writing, I asked helpful questions that strengthened my belief about why I started writing in the first place.

Below are four principles that guide me whenever I feel stuck ( writer’s block included ). Whenever writing falls to the end of my list, I’ll read this for inspiration. I’ve already read it more than five times before the final edit.

If you see an idea that resonates with you, I’m grateful my lessons helped you.

#1. Visualise your journey in hindsight

Whenever I want to give up, I imagine what my 5-year future self would say.

Do I want him to talk down to me? Or do I want him to congratulate me?

Asking two contrasting questions helps you judge whether you’re serious about writing or just fooling around. The thought of hindsight helps you focus on all the appreciation you’ve got from the community — both offline and online.

You’ll appreciate how far you’ve come.

Remember the affirmation, “I’ve done it before. I can do it again.” This way, you remember your purpose, which helps with the next step.

#2. Trick your mind into action.

We all know action sprouts banging hits. But taking the first step siphons energy to fight the internal resistance.

I even took almost one month to publish my first blog in 2018.

Now, I post daily. You’re reading my 217th blog.

Trick your mind into believing:

The earned benefits in the long-term are more rewarding than the privileged ones in the short term.

Show tough love to yourself:

Nothing is free. If I want to become fearless, I’ll have to earn it.

#3. Treat yourself

You deserve to enjoy life. Everyone does.

Whenever I reach a writing milestone, I celebrate however I feel appropriate. The treats don’t have to be super healthy. It doesn’t matter as long as you’re doing it in a controlled way.

Or let loose for just one day and don’t tell anyone. You know milestones don’t happen every day. So, why waste the heat while it’s still pumping, eh?

When I finished my 100 days writing streak, I went to the bathroom (for privacy) and… cried. But I like what you’re thinking!

#4. Find your guardian angel who trusts you blindly.

We all have a friend who appreciates our personality like no one.

I am talking about the 3 AM friend who always has time for you. Even if they are busy, they let you know about the availability to give undivided attention.

Talk to your buddy about your journey. They will listen, support, criticise constructively, and even give you honest feedback that might hurt you, but the sole intention is to correct your process. Think of it as the closest way of getting objective feedback instantly.

I have a close friend from college. He suggested I start a blogging streak because my fitness streak impressed him.

Whenever I feel stuck, I talk to him. He has two ears, but I feel like he has 10.

Find someone who trusts you no matter what. I believe you already have a human angel in your life.

If not, scan your socials to find one. And please reciprocate for your friend too, because compassion works with two souls.

Final words

Wherever you go, your natural fear will pull your hair.

I keep my fear in my back pocket. Whenever it jumps to poke me, I snatch its [ imaginary ] trampoline by practising mindfulness like slow breathing for one minute.

Remember, fear shows up whenever you try to do something you’ve never done before. If you look from a curiosity POV, it is exciting to put something in the world that had never existed.

If you imagine the worst case, your article will bomb, and no one will read it. But take a different direction for one moment to see what happens if your honesty and altruism solve your reader’s problem.

One blog will lead to another, will lead to another, and before you know, you’ll have an audience rooting for your next entrance.

Your community will support you like crazy, cheer you like fans and love you.

Give in the work to see the magic.

Neil Gaiman said it best,

“The world always seems brighter when you’ve just made something that wasn’t there before.”

Happy writing!

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Sanjeev is a writer, mentor and recovering shopaholic. He writes about emotional intelligence, productivity, relationships and practical psychology for everyday life. When he is not busy with his muse, he is sweating either in a workout or playing badminton. He is active on Instagram.



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