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How to Write Strong Headlines (Even If You Know Nothing)

Hey, Brave Writers!

Here are the 5 most popular stories of last week 💛

💻 The Brave Marketer

Why You Should Spring Clean your Marketing Assets by Fab Giovanetti

Especially as a writer.

Do you ever wonder what you should do with all of those social media accounts you’ve signed up for? Between the different platforms and your personal and professional accounts, it gets confusing what to do with all of them.

Thankfully, you can stop thinking because, in her latest piece, Fab answers all of those questions for you. She’ll help you organize your accounts so you can be clear about what you’re doing.

💡 5 most popular stories this week

How to Write Strong Headlines (Even If You Know Nothing) by Itxy Lopez

Do your titles suck? Copy someone else’s.

Why You Need To Use Writing as A Form of Self-Care Right Now by Renée Kapuku

Choose to create at the peak of self-destruction.

How Freelancing Changed My Life by Shannon Owings

And why it can change yours, too!

Sometimes I Resist The Urge To Write by Jill Reid

How to manage the interruptions of life — and maintain a bit of sanity.

How To Write Freely Without Worrying About What ‘They’ Will Say by The Luna

Hint: People care way less than you think.

I hope you enjoy these articles as much as I did! See you soon 🤘🏼




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Itxy Lopez

I’m a self-discovery writer: I write as I grow, make mistakes, and learn. It’s a celebration of humanness.

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