When Did Consuming Content All Day Become the Norm?

I spend my days trying to fight the urge to keep scrolling.

Charles Tumiotto Jackson
Sep 21 · 4 min read

I am overwhelmed.


I’m not even talking about FOMO (fear of missing out).

I’m not even talking about Instagram and the crazy influencers who make me realize my life is boring.

I’m talking about how passive I’ve become.

When I wake up in the morning, I make myself a cup of coffee, and I check social media, just like everyone else.

I know it’s terrible. I know I should replace that habit with a healthy one, such as going to the gym or running outside for like thirty minutes.

Instead, I scroll. I feel like that’s the morning routine of most people.

When I get bored of doing that, I switch from Instagram to Twitter. And then I scroll some more.

After spending thirty minutes consuming content, I get to my computer, and I decide I want to start working. But wait — let me check out Facebook really quick.

That ‘really quick’ ends up being twenty more minutes of scrolling.

“I’ll start working at 8:30. It’s 8:18 right now, I’ll just keep scrolling for 12 more minutes.”

It’s now 8:30, and I’ve been scrolling for two hours. I don’t feel like my day started.

How did these two hours past that quickly?

What have I been doing?

I was consuming content. I was reading articles, looking at what’s going on in the world, I read a review of a smartphone that just came out and have absolutely no interest in buying, I watched stories of my friends.

I was just catching up with what happened while I was asleep — is that so bad?

This is what I tell myself to feel better. But the truth is, I was scrolling.

We waste hours a day consuming content

Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash

All we do is consume content: social media, YouTube, Netflix, Medium, blogs, magazine.

What do I do for a living? I create content.

Everything is about content nowadays.

I spend my days trying to fight the urge to consume more content (or just scrolling to feel distracted), so I can create content people can waste their time on.

You’re currently wasting time reading this. And I’m fighting hard the impulse to refresh Facebook, respond to a couple of texts, and watch the latest Instagram Stories of the accounts I follow.

But what else should I do?

It became so typical to sit and consume content all day. It’s even encouraged.

I don’t want to be passive anymore

I work as a social media consultant and as a writer. In both these jobs, I have to fight the most addictive tools of all time: social media and the computer.

Working on social media is hard. You have to be productive on a platform that was created to be addictive. Writing on a computer is hard because you have to be productive on a tool that gives you access to so many distractions.

And what even are distractions today? The urge to scroll and the urge to be passive and consume content.

That’s why I am writing this piece this morning. Because I don’t want to be passive anymore. Because I don’t want to spend my life scrolling. Because I don’t want to waste as much time-consuming content as I usually do.

It scares me to death when I realize that all these tools are so recent. They’re so addictive, and we all have deeply unhealthy habits with them.

I want to regain control. Since I don’t know how to stop consuming, I’ll start creating more. The more you create, the less you absorb. The more active you are, the less passive you get.

Easier said than done.

I hope I can do more in my days. I hope scrolling won’t be the only distraction tool I know. I hope I’ll get more control over my time, my life and my happiness.

Click here if you want to do more with your social media. I promise I won’t spam you. I know you don’t have time to read junk mails and, believe me, I don’t have time to write them.

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Charles Tumiotto Jackson

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The next generation of writers breaking barriers together.

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