Don’t Tell Me It’s Love When…

It is not love when you say this


To every guy who ever told me:

“I have a thing for you”!

I don’t do things! I do crazy, spontaneous, untimely, unconditionally, unwavering and unimaginably crazy love. The love that for which to handle, you’d have to be born out of patience and ignorance alike, as much as you be polished with intellectual and be pepped with crazy!

You’ve got to know, I believe in hereafters… and hereafter my friend is a very long time!

So No! Don’t call it a thing, don’t call it love, because I know I’m dope, but that’s all I am to you! Not the dope you are build to survive.

To the guy who told me:

“You left! But my love never changed”

And yet you tell me at the same time, if I leave again, you will once again find another escape. You’ll keep my place empty but add smaller places of love for another woman.

I am nobody to judge, nobody to test.

But love does!

So No! Don’t call it Love! Cause you love the idea of a woman, a crazy one! But you Need a Woman, be it another who is nowhere close to your crazy!

To the guy who told me:

“I think I can have a future with her!”

If your love stimulates from your brain dont call it Love! Until you have it in you to give away all that is left, to see her smile. Until you can give away that heart so she could feel love.

Until you’re the last one on the sinking boat keeping her alive!

Until you wake up every morning not missing another lover’s warmth inside. Don’t call it love!

To the guy who loves me but never fathomed to tell:

Don’t call it love. Let the words be wrapped inside the warmth of your heart. Let your hugs always be my safe haven, let your craziness be my roller coaster rides.

Oh please don’t call it love, for love ruins all that a man builds. It comes with it’s incumbent fire and burns most houses in the flames from within.

I know you will adore my smile, and that craziness will always keep you alive. You don’t want to walk hand in hand, you just might spend the quiet night under the star in awe and equal delight.

I’ve seen you follow my gaze and work on those constellations I build in the lonely nights. And in the morning you read that prayer, the prayer I shared in the words of another enlightened soul.

Don’t call it love, for love has already burnt us many times.

To the men who will love my fire, but want to run when the blaze burns their skin. Don’t tell me it’s love, I’m not an easy one to fight the dark of the night, the sun’s blazing fright!

Go around, find peace in corners that smothers your love, though not ignite a fire in your soul that wants to fly!!

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