Amazon’s potential for growth is immense, scary, and we are loving it

Amazon have been around for a while now, and we know, one way or the other, the transition story behind what once started as an online bookstore, and now is a behemoth that not only shaking the entire retail landscape; but that have also expanded to industries beyond our imagination, and who knows, maybe even beyond Jeff Bezos’ own vision.

It is the fact that Amazon have been able to execute so spectacularly and gracefully, that every time they come with a new idea (which usually happens to menace whoever the leader is in whatever industry they are going into) we just love it. We do, because they tend to make things easier and even cheaper for us, they truly innovate.

But it is scary. Why? Because they are becoming that company able to execute so well, that no one can actually compete with. It is their ability and flexibility to react, adapt and come with new growth engines, that turns the present immediately obsolete. And if continues this way, Amazon will become the sole supplier for anything that we might ever want or need, they will eat it all.

Yes, this might sound like an Orwellian novel, but is how it is starting to look as an actual possibility in a future no so distant, because, additionally to all of the above, regarding their execution and speed, it is indeed the possibility for more growth and expansion. New ways to deliver more and more of those things (products and services) that we didn’t know we want, and that traditional retailers failed to informed us.

Amazon can pull it out. We are going to love it (?)

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