Generational gap, communication and assumptions are the real challenges

Joseph Emmi
Jul 4, 2017 · 2 min read

Digital Skills are not the only challenge; communication, assumptions and the generational gap are also part of the equation, if not more important.

Last week I was sharing my views around the so called “Digital Skills” and if we should start referring about them just as skills, however, as mentioned before, different roles require different sets of skills and support, hence organisation need to start identifying these gaps and addressing accordingly. moving from the one-size-fits-all mentality.

Organisations going through digital transformations, struggling with the pace on which technology is not only adopted, but also demanded by the business and customers tend to focus exactly on this aspect, the technology, and that’s probably where the problems begin. Technology is not about apps and devices, it’s about people, if we are not delivering solutions than can empower users and customers and solve their problems, we are just wasting time and money. So why don’t start focusing on the people first, rather than try to fit X or Y technology around them?

Moreover, this perennial search for the “holy grail” solution, doesn’t apply, and possibly doesn’t exist. This can be witnessed more vividly with mobile technologies.

Think about it, there are different tears, starting all the way up from the executive level, continuing no management and senior management, followed by team leaders and the team themselves. They all have not only different task and responsibilities, but also different requirements; and even if we are referring to two people with the same hierarchy level, for example, a team leader, their activities are going to be different.

Additionally to this, and to add more complexity to the above, we also need to consider the generational gap, skillset, type of role and background. It is a multilayered challenge.

The Bridge

A crossroad between Technology, Business and Design

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The Bridge

A crossroad between Technology, Business and Design

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