Give them something to think about

Planting the seeds for innovation and how you can do it too

Joseph Emmi
Apr 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Innovation is a tricky game, it is about envisioning the future and building the path for others to transit while that vision is merely a blueprint that only a few can clearly see. It should not be a surprise that you will encounter some resistance or doubt along the way.

It is basically something intangible until can be made palpable; it is a game of communication, expectations, big ideas, but above all, I would say it is a game of marketing. It is about selling a concept in advance so they can support you along the way.

Screenshot from Tesla’s official website

This is why, people is willing to pay a $1000 deposit for a Tesla Model 3 without ever trying the car and two (2) years before production even started. Yes, Elon Musk is a “Sales Grand Master” as Peter Thiel refers to him on his book “Zero to One”, and for a good reason, he is very good at planting the seeds. He communicates his vision, creates immense expectation, show us great ideas and ultimately market it in a way that is not only cool, but relatable and aspirational; leaving us thinking and talking about it for days, we share it with others, turning us into the main promoters, especially in the case that you find someone that (for some reason) has never heard of him or any of his projects.

Because at the end of the day, innovation is nothing if not pushed forward. Innovation without execution it’s just ideas.

You can do it too

Not every company is Tesla or Space X, nor your CEO is Elon Musk, I get that. You might also be part of a culture that historically is not necessarily considered as highly innovative, I get that too; but you can do similar things at your own scale and try to influence others, becoming part of the change, building that path to other to transit and follow.


You need to give them something to think about.

Recently, I’ve been involved in the development of a “Proof of Concept” using voice technology, more specifically, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa, also having the opportunity to put it in front of people during a company event with a great deal of attention.

Beyond the technology itself, I focus on the people and the opportunity this give us as a team to demonstrate others inside the organisation that these things are possible and available to us, more than they sometimes imagine (vision). To foster the conversations (expectations). To get feedback, questions and doubts/concerns (ideas). To make them part of the equation and give them something tangible to relate to, ultimately for them to spread the word within the company (marketing).

Find your way, bring others along and start planting the seeds; because one that path into the future starts to look more clear, it is just a matter of time for others to join. Suddenly there will be a direction where everyone will be pointing at.

This article is part of my #100DayProject #100DaysofWriting — Day 16 of 100

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