We have too many things to charge, what if Smart Phones could charge them all?

Joseph Emmi
Apr 27, 2017 · 3 min read

We just simply have too many things to charge. Personal Smart Phone, work Smart Phone, personal laptop, work laptop, tablet, kindle, bluetooth speakers, power bank to charge the Smart Phone while on the go, wireless headphones and if you happen to have a Smart Watch, fitness tracker or Sports Watch, well, you will need to charge that as well. Madness.

But beyond this, is not only the increasing amount of devices that we need to take care of, it’s also the amount of chargers, cables and adapters laying around or that we need to carry with us when traveling, even worse if going out the country.

This is in fact, the main reason why I haven’t been interested in buying wireless headphones. Yes, they look appealing to me, mostly for training (at the gym) purposes, but the reality is that I don’t want to turn the simple experience that is listening to music, into something that relays on batteries.

Part of the problem is that battery technologies haven’t evolve as fast as others, for example microprocessors, which double their speed year after year.

Here’s a video from CNET called “Where will the next battery breakthrough come from?”, addressing some of the above and illustrating the current state of batteries, new developments in the industry, as well as how long it would take for some of these breakthroughs to reach mass markets (around 2020).

In definitive, it’s a hassle and it will pass sometime before we start experiencing major and noticeable improvements.

So as we look into the future, the majority of the conversation tends to happen around the technical implications, but what about the non-technical aspects? What about the current user experience and how can be thought through for the future based on the current challenges?

What if part of the problem, can become the solution?

What if, the Smart Phone, which is the battery that we not only charge the most, but that we also don’t forget to charge, can represent a solution for the cluttered, cable-dominant user experience of charging devices?

At first, this might look distanced from the main topic, but the reality is, that for many of us, battery capacity it’s just one part of the problem, the experience it’s just as relevant, and at the moment it’s unpleasant, it takes time, and in many cases, several power outlets.

What if the Smart Phone could take care of everything

Do I mean, Smart Phones becoming charging hubs? Yes.

Not only that, wireless charging hubs.

Smart Phones have become centric to our daily lives, we perform endless types of activities with them, and more recently, started to become the hub where other devices are paired and controlled from, like headphones, speakers; or Smart Watches, Sport Watches and fitness trackers also relying on this type of pairing.

Additionally to this, Smart Home solutions of the likes of Apple’s HomeKit are based on the idea of the Smart Phones becoming the ultimate remote control for other devices such as light bulbs, thermostat, TV, and so on.

So what if a Smart Phone could charge all these devices simultaneously, wirelessly, while we sleep?

“What if the Smart Phone would be able to charge all these devices simultaneously, wirelessly, while we sleep?”

As we move forward, we should not only focus on battery capacity, but also in simplified experiences; because if there’s something that we can possibly agree, is that, as technology continues to evolve, we will continue to get more electronic ‘things’ to carry around and to take care of.

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