Artist Spotlight: Swerve Mitch

Up next on our Artist Spotlight series is Swerve Mitch. Hailing from the North Bronx, Swerve Mitch has great energy on each track he blesses. Part of the Wreckhouse,listen to our favorite Swerve Mitch track, read about him below, and watch him live at our 2 Year Anniversary Party!

What part of the Bronx are you from? Where did you grow up?

I’m from the North part of the Bronx… White Plains Road around there, and I grew up mainly around or off Baychester ave, I went too Sousa so I was always in Baychester projects and Edenwald with few of my friends from around the way and from there I went on to Truman and met Denzil and he lived around the way as well

How has living in the Bronx inspired or influenced your work?

Living in the Bronx influenced me by allowing me to be myself I guess… the BX can be brutal and uplifting at the same time I just don’t let much bother me. I used to (love) everything that the BX has offered me and showed me from poverty to the rich parts from the Yankees to the knicks lol I mean it’s so much always going on in NY period but the BX is its own little world.

What’s your creative process?

My creative process actually comes from life experiences and vibes, my vibes play a part in everything I do… I try too use what I’ve been through what I’ve been taught and whatever the vibes is for that moment but I just try too keep it real as possible and never too serious because I’m always smiling and laughing and just tryna have fun so I guess my music reflects it too.

What ideas, if any, do you want to inspire with your art?

Ummmm good question… I would say just being “confident” with yourself if that qualifies for being an “Ideas” lol…. Being confident in what you want to do in life and get out of life and too use whatever instrument or talent God’s given you too improve someone else life or point view I would say

Any plans/dreams in the works you could give a little preview of?

Plans ? Yeah I plan to keep on “Winning” with my Squad lol… I had too plug in the “Winning” lol and as of dreams I’m still tryna figure that out but I do know I want it to end with us (Wreckhouse) being one of the dopest set of yutes to come outta the BX!


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