The Sea Peoples — A Modern Reconstruction

In figure.5. And figure.6. We see again some wonderful artistic representations of possible Philistine/ Sea Peoples battle attire created by the Military Illustrator Johnny Schumate. Both are plausible as to their attire and composition, since no Philistine Bronze Body Armour has been found to date to give a definitive answer as to their origins — if bronze the metallurgical analysis would determine the origin of the metal/s used to create it and the style from whichever culture produced it — assuming its not a trophy from conquest or arms export.

The Armour may well have been of perishable materials hence the lack of its presence in the archaeological record but having said that this alone cannot be used to prove or disprove the connection of this attire with any one group of peoples as mentioned in the Egyptian records.



In figure.7. An intense and vividly accurate battle scene between the Egyptian defenders and the Sea Peoples as depicted in the Sea Battle Frieze at Medinet Habu brought expertly to life by the Military illustrator Igor Dzis.

This goes a long way in to capturing the truly chaotic scenes and mayhem that must have ensued when the Sea Peoples caught in the ambush laid for them by Ramesses III fight for dear life as the battle an inevitable carnage ensues.


In figures.8. Through to.11. We see a highly detailed and close up representation of the actual Sea Battle Scene at Medinet Habu. The clear scenes of chaos among the Sea Peoples as the trap is sprung is clearly noticeable, the fact that the Sea Peoples ships show no apparent use of oars, this goes some way to possible showing that they were taken by surprise, the apparent lack of preparedness on behalf of the Sea Peoples leading to their defeat.

Caught in a pincer movement The Sea People ships are engaged and boarding parties storming the decks of the foreigners whilst Egyptian archers and slingers rain down a murderous hail of missiles from the decks of their ships and from the banks of the Nile ( in the complete scene).

Figure.8.An Egyptian boarding party prepares to lock, using a grappling hook, and assault a Sea Peoples ship.

Figure.9.Ship upturned, mast snapped in two and Sea People warriors flung overboard as Egyptian troops Attack.

Figure.10.An Egyptian warship literally ploughs its way through Sea peoples-littered waters.

Figure.11.Confusion and mayhem amongst the Sea People warriors as the are assailed form al directions.

The Bronze Age

A study by James Thomas

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The Bronze Age

A study by James Thomas