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Drake: Sticking with a Formula

for·mu·lae: a recipe or prescription — rec·i·pe: something which is likely to lead to a particular outcome — pre·scrip·tion: a recommendation that is authoritatively put forward.

Now, these are unabridged, half-cocked, simplified, third grade level online bullshit definitions, but they’ll suffice.

Usually when we hear that someone is adhering to a formula it’s taken as negative. I’ve…




The Brothers will discuss any and everything, whether it’s comics, movies, or even one’s favorite falafel spot. We will show you what you already know — Black men have perspective; greater still, a VOICE.

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Edjing Mix Mod Apk All Unlocked Download 2022

Edjing Mix Mod Apk All Unlocked Download 2022

Supporting Artists And Their Music

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