The Brothers
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The Brothers

(L-R) Bobby Sessions, Nick Grant, & Porter Ray

Rap Music Ain’t Dead — It’s Gonna Be Alright

Bobby Sessions photo by Karlo X Ramos

Olympic, I’m just sprinting on the goal — I went to Mount Olympus for my Soul

Dog, they should play me on the station so the Playstation ain’t the only game that I control

I expect to have a long career that will span way past a decade, so why would I not take two years off to really learn and master my craft as much as possible? If I make the music and the music is good, then it really shouldn’t matter when I put it out. Bobby Sessions

Nick Grant photo by Phil Knott
Porter Ray

My Grandmother watching “Gunsmoke,” just a young nigga broke trying to swallow blunt smoke — now she in the kitchen cooking up some soul food, my uncle smoke rubes fuckin’ up my whole mood — my auntie’s talkin shit back and forth while we eat, my cousin’s back porch freestyling to the beat.

Yo, a bullet turned my brother to a picture on the wall, so I crumble up the chronic, split the Swisher let it fall — hit the weed twice, breath life, shoot sevens get my cheese right, I squeeze dice in the circle under street lights…



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