The President And The Superstar

One commands the Army, the other commands the media

Art By Eric W. Burns

These are trying times for the United States of America. The country faces economic woes at home, an escalating culture war, and enemies abroad planning and executing acts of terrorism. The job of U.S president for these times must be held by a man who takes it seriously. This is why President Ashton “Ash” Baldwin Carter at the helm is ideal.

President Ash Carter has been meeting with diplomats to discuss terrorist threats and the future of our alliances in the battle against this evil. Since this is his last year of office, he is working tirelessly to ensure he will leave our affairs in the best possible order for his successor.

The country recently observed another man emerge in the media world. Barack Obama became an instant hit as a late night talk show host, and his celebrity status has skyrocketed. He enjoys meeting the biggest of media stars and celebrities, has been asked to fill out his NCAAB bracket for ESPN annually, and is frequently photographed at trendy media events. Recently he made high-profile trips to Cuba and Argentina, where he danced the tango to impress the country’s leaders so they might feature his show

President Carter and Obama lead different lives

On this particular day, Carter spends his morning meeting with U.S Army commanders for up-to-date briefings on the state of the battle front. Meanwhile, Obama is enjoying a morning round of golf, and waves as TMZ cameras catch his leisurely start to the day.

Obama waves at cameras as he plays a morning round of golf while President Carter speaks with troops

Around noon, Carter is taking tough questions from the media at the Pentagon about his meeting with the commanders. At the same time, Obama is seen arriving at a baseball game and of course the cameras start flashing for the visiting celebrity.

President Carter takes media questions as Obama enjoys a baseball game

Midway through the afternoon, Carter heads back to Air Force One but makes sure to stop and thank some commanders for a job well done. Obama is enjoying a late lunch after the game and TMZ cameras catch up to him again, so like a good sport he plays along with them.

President Carter catches a lighthearted moment while leaving his meeting with troops, while Obama eats lunch

Late afternoon, Carter answers questions about global security for a Wall Street Journal event. As the president makes assurances about the security and safety of the homeland, Obama is seen with a fresh change of clothes, enjoying a frozen snack before he arrives to the studio to tape his show for the day.

As Obama enjoys a snack, President Carter meets to talk global security at a Wall Street Journal event

That evening, Carter wraps up a busy day by attending another forum, speaking with The Economic Club about current economic issues and challenges the country faces. Obama is finally getting to work, taping an interview with Jon Stewart about his life post The Daily Show.

President Carter talks about the economy with The Economic Club while Obama interviews Jon Stewart

After a late dinner, Carter heads back to White House and calls it a night. Obama concludes his day by visiting a local tavern and buying drinks for everyone.

Obama is the life of the party at a post-show stroll through a local tavern

Carter goes to sleep thinking about his busy schedule for the next day. He’ll be meeting with India’s Prime Minister, taping an important 60 Minutes interview, and meeting with U.S House Speaker Ryan to discuss the budget. Obama goes to sleep excited about the next day, when he will get to interview Kanye West and his wife Kim. It will be the first time they’ve talked since he autographed a picture they took with him last fall.

Both men have very different things on their mind for the next day

Both men think to themselves as they drift off to sleep, “today was a good day.”

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