Why Mascots In Lake Buena Vista Are Voting Clinton

A Tide Of Angry Populism Grows In The Happiest Place On Earth

The clouds darken as they float above a glimmering mansion known as Cinderella castle, welcoming millions every year to the happiest place on Earth. Atop one towering point sits a room, originally meant for Walt Disney himself. As he looks out the window at his late friend’s accomplishment Mickey Mouse drinks his Scotch Mist, one tear down his eye as the TV blares CNN showing the Republican nominee, Donald Trump holding a rally.

“It’s a shame.” The usually jovial Mouse says as he watched the candidate wave his tiny hands. “I’ve been voting for Republicans since my first election I could vote in, back in 1952. Walt was a Republican and he’d be just as disgusted as me.”

When I asked him who he’s voting for, Mickey answered without hesitation. “Clinton. The elites have bullied me long enough. I have to do this, for my children, my grandchildren, their children, and their children’s children. I’m tired of Washington telling me to back these megalomaniacs. Enough is enough. I’m going to vote Democrat for the first time ever.”

Mickey’s feelings are not rare to find. Here where journalists with heavily sprayed hair dare not go, where they fear talking to every day mascots who get to vote. In a crucial swing area of a swing state, Mickey’s colleagues who are usually Republican voters are joining him in their populist revolt against the party that’s abandoned them.

Donald Duck may be the most vocal of them that I found. “This election is making me drink too much. I’ve even thought about putting pants on again.” He told me as he sat outside protesting a Trump rally. “The Hannitys of the world don’t understand, neither do the pollsters, that something magical is happening here. Even Scrooge McDuck is voting Clinton, that’s how bad it is.”

Filled with sticky ice cream finger prints all over him thanks to hugging many children while taking photos, Goofy approached me as I tried to take a look across towards Tom Sawyer Island. “You’re that guy reporting on the election here right?” I hesitantly confirmed his suspicions. “I want you to tell those clowns that write about this stuff that we’re done with Republicans, we’re done with Democrats, we’re going to vote for us. If that means protesting by voting for Hillary, we’ll do it.” He then walked with the cast member towards the dressing room, his tired doggy legs not keeping him from waving to the crowds.

One anonymous voter told me what it’s like watching the news coverage. “The chattering classes are saying this is hurting Hillary, this is helping Trump. Yet I don’t see them showing up here and talking to us like you have. They don’t get it, they’re living in a bubble. This is real America here. The forgotten ones. The silent majority.” They explained, flashing their voter registration card at me. “I don’t care what this says, I’m voting how I want, regardless of party.”

These are but a few of some of the examples I found that something special IS happening here in Lake Buena Vista. The elites, the intellectuals, the pollsters, and the Dreamworks people don’t see it. But perhaps the best example came not from an interview but something I witnessed as I bought a corn-dog.

Two veterans of the long standing theme park sat on a bench taking the view, Oswald the lucky Rabbit and Mortimer Mouse. The former mentioned something as he smoked his pipe and read the newspaper. “Hey look at this Obama called out the Republicans for refusing to allow a vote on a gun bill.”

“So you think he’s right? To call them out?” His bench partner replied.

“Absolutely, it’s time we start demanding some action from these guys, they’ve had their fun, now it’s out turn to have a say.” Oswald said as he put out his tobacco, gave his friend the newspaper to have, and headed across towards the parking lot. His car rumbled away with a ROMNEY/RYAN 2012 bumper sticker visible through the fumes.

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