One week to the Continental Divide

Dear friends, colleagues, acquaintances, fellow hikers and strangers. This is the place where — from time to time — I will post updates on my next big project: hiking the 5000 kilometers long Continental Divide Trail, which spans from New Mexico to Montana, from the US/Mexico to the US/Canada border.

I don’t plan to be regular and I don’t plan to be thorough. And for those back at home: yes I plan to write in English. Most of you understand it, none of my international friends understand Slovenian (plus I get to practice my English writing skills :).

This is most of my gear minus the sleeping bag and backpack. Big thanks to my ex-colleagues at the newspaper, who chipped in with some equipment contributions. You know who you are, you’ve helped a lot!

Next Friday I fly to El Paso, Texas, where I will get the last few missing pieces of equipment and supplies and if everything goes according to plan, I will start walking the desert on the 20th.

It’s been an interesting and demanding few months of planning. I honestly did not expect it to be so life-absorbing. The number of things to think about and do, arrange, buy, plan in any way… at some point it just became a full time job. But it was also fun! The CDT passes through deserts, hills, mountains, drought, rain, hail and snow. Even though I’ll be passing sections of the trail through vast mountain ranges in June, there will be snow and there will be really bad weather. But the best thing about it is that it gave me a really good reason to train for this type od conditions, which I did in the past few months:

Teaching me and Tjaša (in the green jacket) safely hiking the mountains in winter was the awesome Boris Strmšek. His course was happening in the worst possible weather. It may not seem so from this image, but the weather was foggy, snowy and we were postholing bad. Just like people do on the CDT.
Overnight camping in winter with Tjaša, Špela and Andraž (pictured). Although I had a really bad night sleep, the experience was fantastic. Although I did come home a little discouraged as I discovered my backpack load is still to heavy.

And for those of you who still haven’t googled the trail, here it is: