How to Advertise Locally


As a small business with a big dream, you’ve got start local. Specifically targeting your ads towards the local area will help build your loyal customer base to back you up in the future. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Targeted Social Media Ads Based on Location

When running a campaign on social media, there are often ways to target certain audiences to increase your chance of being seen by someone who is interested. For example, Facebook is an excellent way for local businesses to increase their online presence in a cost-efficient way. (Read our previous blog post to find out more) Besides that, Twitter also holds some promise. With careful use of the right hashtags, you can target people with specific interests. For example, if you’re located in San Francisco, don’t forget to #SF to let locals and tourist see your special products.

  1. Cross-Promotion

Think your artisan coffee might pair perfectly with the bagels across the street? Ask them to cross-promote you. Bring some coupons for your signature coffee and see if the bagel shop is willing to feature them next to the cashier. Offer to do the same for them and maybe you’ve just built a new business relationship.

  1. Ads in Local Publications

Age-old print ads are still in! Buy a space in your daily newspaper (if you can afford it) or a space in weekly neighborhood publications that are much more affordable. Maximize the space with a coupon, website URL, and phone number. Coupons provide customers incentive and also lets you track how well your ad is doing.

  1. Get Creative!

Take a creative perspective and look around you. There will be dozens of opportunities if you look hard enough. For example, SpoonRocket (a food delivery company) once posted stickers with their logo on it around the city of Berkeley. Anyone who found one could redeem one free meal. Whether you have a product meant for children, families, or working adults, you can achieve the in-your-face yet useful advertisements that people want to see with some creative thinking.