Why to forget about “someday.”

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash
“Someday, I’ll get there.”

There’s something about the word “someday” that feels so comforting. It’s an intangible, fuzzy kind of word. It’s the kind of word that, when spoken, we think we know what it means, but in reality, we don’t. Ultimately, it’s a dangerous word that can be wildly unproductive.

Why is someday so bad?

When we’re focused on someday, we’ve lost today. It invokes a feeling of distance, of something far away from us. Someday is what we reach for, but it always feels out of our grasp. It’s a word that helps us feel like we’re working towards something without really committing to it.

There’s a vagueness in someday that gives it a certain comfort. When we have to deal with something “someday,” it feels like it’s a long ways away, so we don’t have to take the responsibility of worrying about it right now. While it’s tempting to use someday to give us some form of false comfort, it’s ultimately making us weaker.

When we’re taken out of the moment by the thoughts of some ambiguous time in the distant future, we forget about one really important aspect of life. The present is where everything in our lives are actually happening. And if every moment is consumed by thinking about a distant someday, then it begs the question: How are we living?

How to tell “someday” to GTFO 👋

  1. Don’t live for the future. Are you worrying in the present because of something that may happen someday (or not)? Newsflash! Someday won’t come. Or at least, the someday you’re predicting won’t. Life will always have its struggles. There’s a fictional component to the rosy lives that we see on social media as equally as there are bad things that may never happen. The harsh reality is that if you’re making yourself miserable now, it won’t somehow magically make tomorrow perfect or even any easier. Instead of waiting for something amazing to happen or disaster to strike, go out and make today the best one possible.
  2. Buy things for now, not for later. Yes, this concept also helps you determine what to spend your money on. Why worry about buying something that will be useful to you someday? Buy something that you need right now. There will always be time to shop, and consumerism is great at pointing out what you’re lacking. When you have fewer material possessions that you’ve hoarded away for someday, you’ll find that you have fewer liabilities, and from there, less tying you down, so you can live a life that’s filled with freedom.
  3. Start prioritizing actions over plans. I often spend time thinking about how great the future will be. Where I’ll end up, what it’ll look like. All of those thoughts regularly attempt to interrupt me throughout my day. It’s one thing to be goal oriented and know what we want for the future, but when I’m musing to myself, I’m losing the present and getting caught up in what could be rather than what is. I end up missing the simple joys of present life, all because my head is lost somewhere else.
  4. Replace someday with tomorrow. If you find yourself saying something along the lines of “someday I’ll…” — stop right there. Instead of using a word as broad and ambiguous as someday, look within yourself and find a time period that defines whatever it is you’re talking about. Maybe you can replace it with “next year” or “in 5 years.” By placing an actual date in this sentence, you’re setting an intention, and you’re more likely to do whatever you’re saying you’ll do by that specific time.

Forgetting about someday means you stop thinking and you start doing. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Forget about someday. Your day is happening right now.