Independent Reserve: Exchange and OTC market based and regulated in Australia with stable bank connections worldwide.

Feb 26 · 3 min read

Independent Reserve Review & How To Best Leverage What They Are Great At

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Which is, for arbitrage trading, especially in bulk, and as a good and stable route between fiat and crypto.

The flagship motto of Independent Reserve should probably go like, “Value is where the crowd isn’t”

Independent Reserve is an Australian crypto exchange that stayed fairly low-profile in the industry.

It is not a commonly mentioned crypto exchange on Reddit’s crypto subs either, and its trading interface absolutely cannot compare to places like Bitfinex:

Luckily, in this particular comparison, its banking can neither.

  • Independent Reserve is open to Australian as well as international users
  • They have several bank connections that have been more or less stable since the founding of the exchange in 2013
  • OTC desk for higher volumes is readily available upon verification
  • Support desk is well staffed and very responsive

Attesting to the staff’s competence, try the Aussie crypto market update newsletter they issue. It’s not as fussy and long as BitMEX’s letters; and if you’re busy, it is a good summary of what’s been happening on the crypto markets.

After you sign up you’ll see the newsletter opt-in option at news/subscribe.

Independent Reserve Exchange Company

It is very likely that Independent Reserve will remain a stable gateway between fiat and crypto via traditional banking and SWIFT transfers, because they are something of an outlier among crypto trading platforms and are organized as a local Australian company, not as an offshore business.

Arbitrage Trading on Independent Reserve

The relative unpopularity (yet still an active enough market) coupled with OTC availability and good banking connections makes Independent Reserve a good place for high-volume arbitrage trading.

  • International deposits are free from 5000 USD worth and over. Withdrawals to foreign bank accounts get a flat fee of 20 USD. No third-party withdrawals, you can only withdraw to an account that’s on the name with which you verified on the exchange — this is in compliance with Australian AML laws.
  • Independent Reserve doesn’t have higher free for instant market orders. Both maker and taker trades cost the same.
  • The full spot exchange fee is 0.5% but fee discount start already at 100k AUD 30d traded volume. 10 MM AUD volume generated over 30 days gets you down to 0.05% fee per trade.

Additionally, there is an option to purchase Independent Reserve Premium accounts which are insured, have lower trading fees and get preferential attention from support.

Insured Premium accounts start at 15k AUD yearlylearn more.

Stable arbitrage opportunity, OTC bulk trading, Asset Insurance

If you any of the above mentioned lines of business are something that you could use, feel free to use the referral code RCZSEV when signing up at Independent Reserve.

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Originally published at on February 26, 2020.

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