The Third Eye Of Opinion | Its Role In Business

Photo by Drew Graham on Unsplash

When people think about the Third Eye what usually comes to mind is the Mystical Third Eye concept.

The most interesting notion is what Father Richard Rohr says about the mystic eye explaining how it is a metaphor for non-dualistic thinking.

Non-Dualism: The idea is that all is one, there is no either/or, right/wrong, good/bad, but only one truth and wholeness.

Where the First Eye is the physical eye for sensory input like sight, the Second Eye is the eye of reason and reflection, and the Third Eye is related to consciousness, awareness and what the Mystics see.

Why am I talking about all this mystical concepts and business together? No it’s not because I am crazy but I think there is an interesting connection and idea that surfaced in my mind between the two.

The main reason why the Third Eye concept is important in business is that it represents a metaphor for the third opinion that customers unconsciuosly have and for which businesses don’t have the entire control.

Imagine: It’s a Friday afternoon Alex, a millennial, goes shopping with his friends for the new Iphone that launched last week. In the store he sees the phone, plays a bit with its new features and then decides not to buy it.

What happened?

  1. The First Eye concerned with sensory input influenced the sight, sound, touch and more between the Iphone and Alex
  2. The Second Eye generated a sense of reflection and reason about the Apple brand, the features of the phone and how it was reasonably a good or bad product
  3. The Third Eye came in play and it constructed a non-dual thinking in the mind of Alex. All the information sitting in the back of the customers brain including friends opinion, internet feedback, if the products its good or not, notion of the brand, first and second eye perception, all together create a system of thinking that because of this non-dual thinking instigates only one truth in the customer mind.

At this point the third eye has created a space in the mind where the heart, senses, experiences, information, feedback and more create a level of consciousness that affects the customer's mind.

Businesses are not in control of this moment of the purchasing stage but can try to influence it.

Why is this important then?

Business need to be aware that there is a A Third Eye Of Opinion, a moment that affects the customers choices, it’s there, it’s unconscious but it’s not totally mystical.

It is a like third person opinion that influences the mind’s decision but that happens individually and gathers all the information collected to create only one truth that will be buy or not.