Circles, Not Just Rows

We want to see EVERYONE in CIRCLES, not just ROWS.

Rows are great! And we love them. They are how we gather for Sunday morning worship. They are a way for us to hear the message, sing songs, and prepare ourselves for serving Jesus throughout the week. It would be strange if we gathered in circles on Sunday morning to sing and hear the message.

But we believe that real life change happens more often than not in the context of CIRCLES. Smaller groups of people allow us to do life together, grow in community with one another, and have that sense of belonging that we long for and were made for. In fact, our church has a simple strategy to engage everyone in our mission — worship, groups, and serving. We ask everyone to be a part of worship on Sundays, a community group during the week and, at least, one area of service. So, groups is 1/3 of our whole strategy!

We believe every person was designed by God to be in relationship — relationship with Him and others. Our desire is to see every person move from just sitting in a row on Sunday morning to sitting in a circle during the week in order to find relationship, accountability for their spiritual life, belonging and care. This is where the exponential movement of making disciples begins.

Our groups are gatherings of 8 to 12 people meeting once a week to share the journey together, help each other, and find a sense of healthy accountability in pursuing Jesus and the life he has called us to live.

Someone has said, “It is easy to fall out of church. It’s hard to fall out of community.” I hope (if you have not already done so) that you will find a place of community in one of our community groups. Go circles!

Rusty Hutson, Lead Pastor

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