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When Jesus called his first disciples, he not only taught them about the true nature of the coming of the Kingdom of God — its nature, what He and His Father were all about, and our place within it — he also modeled the way in which we would carry out the mission he began, or began the fulfillment of, while he lived in the flesh. The early church then carried on with that model in the early days of the church recorded in Acts 2. The believers worshiped God together, they shared the word of God with one another, they grew in their love of God and one another together, and they served one another and the world around them…together.

God has always intended for his sons and daughters to lean on one another, to count on one another throughout our time here on earth. Jesus made the mission incredibly simple just before finally ascending in to heaven: Go, make disciples of all nations. baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey all that have taught you to obey. And remember, I am with you always

Here in Auburn, Alabama, at Cornerstone Church nearly 2000 years later, we continue to carry that banner just as the church always has. When you ask us how we do that, the answer is simple: Worship, Groups, and Serving.

Together, we worship God corporately throughout the week, we gather together in community groups and we serve our church family, the community, and to the nations to which God leads us to invest. Over the course of this series we will journey through our history as a church and the mission we hold high of leading people to know and serve Jesus. Our strategy to carry that out is through worship, groups, and serving, and every single person, regardless of where they are on their journey with Christ are eagerly invited in to that mission.

There is a next step for you here at Cornerstone, and even though the gap from where you are currently and where you want to be may seem uncrossable at times, all of our journeys toward godliness in this life begin with one, single step. Take your next one with us. We hope to help connect you deeply in to the story God is writing among us here at Cornerstone Church.

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