Intern Life at Cornerstone

Re:define “intern?”

Webster’s defines an intern this way — a student or recent graduate who works for a period of time at a job in order to get experience. While the internship program at Cornerstone Church is certainly no less than this, our hope is that our time with interns would be far more than a means to padding one’s resume while he or she is in Auburn.

As an organization who’s mission is clearly defined — leading people to know and serve Jesus — it is our deep hope that students, or recent graduates, who come on staff with us a for a season of nine to twelve months as interns would leave us for whatever is next under two conditions:

  1. Their faith was strengthened and they feel confidently equipped for whatever lay before them and…
  2. Each interns life was fully poured out, spent for the gospel as they say, during their time with us.

More than a Checklist

Cornerstone’s Intern program began in 2012 with hopes of providing more than a means to fulfilling degree requirements. While that is an integral and often imperative part of graduating from Auburn University, we hoped to in some small way with each student see him or her prepared spiritually as well as academically for the next step on the journey.

Key to the Mission

For the next nine months, Cornerstone has the privilege of 11 interns serving on our staff (in case you like math, they will nearly double the number of people on our staff). They have been with us for one full week now, and as they adjust to life as intern and the roles that God has called each of them to, I am certain of one thing: I am so excited to work alongside each one of them.

It is evident each year that God brings new interns on to our team that He is at work among our students and recent graduates . Most of our interns do not need anything close to a church staff internship in order to graduate; in fact roughly 75% of our interns over the past 4 years have interned with us simply because God lead them to the experience and to helping us fulfill our mission.

The Interns

Here’s a quick look at our team of Interns and where they will be serving this year:

From left to right: Front Row: Zoe Arnold (Kids), Allie Fain (Kids), Brittany Krietemeyer (Youth), Abbi Worlund (Guest Services); Back Row: Jonathan Hendrix (Worship), Lauren Van Tuyl (College), Maggie McCollum (Youth), Reed Cowart (College), Garrett Wates (College), Tim Sanderlin (Youth), Brice Bishop (Groups).

This is going to be a great year. Please pray for your interns as they serve this year and as they discern next steps beyond this experience.

May God prepare them, as he does all of us, for the work he has put their hands to and for all that lay before them. Amen!
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