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Christmas in our home is a big blend of just about everything — old and new, family hand-me-downs, handmade crafts and DIY projects, kid keepsakes and bargain store buys. My mom did a great job decorating our home from top to bottom when I was growing up, and I try to recreate that same holiday magic for my own children now. Which means the kids help me decorate…which means nothing is perfect. Also, I try to avoid spending a lot of money on Christmas decorations, which means I do a lot of DIY…which means nothing is perfect.

Nothing is perfect. Got that? OK then. Let the tour commence. (And if you see something you like, be sure to visit’s Curated Christmas shop; new home decor products are being added every day for the holidays).

Formal living room mantle and tree.
I customized these “semi-homemade” burlap stockings with our family’s names. The stockings came from Hobby Lobby (cheaper than I could make them with 40% off) and then I custom printed the names on cotton linen and stitched them on, leaving the edges to fray.
Everyone needs a little glitter in their holidays. While most of my home is more rustic/burlap/nature inspired, I do have this little homage to glitter and glitz in the livingroom. The handmade wreath is available at
If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a little obsessed with buffalo plaid (as is everyone else this year apparently). I found this cute wrapping paper at Target, and the boys and I made these custom ornaments tags from white Sculpey.
Any time I can work in antlers and deer, it’s a good day for me. Mixed in some greenery, pinecones and other naturals, and you have the centerpiece on our livingroom coffee table.
My grandmother gave me these little Christmas bears when I was a teenager; they always have a prominent place in my holiday decor.
I have two collections that I display on the large shelves on either side of the fireplace in our livingroom — snowmen one one side, Santas on the other. The Santa display is a great place to work in the boys’ artwork from school over the years.
And a few of the snowmen; a very dear lady from a previous job gave me these snowmen. For 10 years, she has been sending me a new snowman every year at Christmas, even after I left that job. She passed away earlier this year, making this collection even more special to me.
Remember my love of family hand-me-downs? My great-grandmother handmade the “callie” stocking before I was born; the knit stocking belonged to my Great Aunt Alice, who passed down many of her Christmas decorations before she passed away.
Remember my penchant for “semi-homemade?” Rustic ornaments can be really pricey, so I like to either make my own, or customize something else — like vase filler — into ornaments.
We put up four full size trees at our house (7-feet or taller), plus three 4-foot trees and five mini-trees. This is the 9-foot rustic-themed tree from our living room. I use lots of burlap and nature-inspired elements, like berries and antlers, plus critter-themed ornaments (squirrels and birds, etc.) And of course…lot of plaid!
This is by far my boys’ favorite thing to unpack at Christmas…a customized snowball fight in a bucket, courtesy of my awesome day job boss.
I love little country details, like this mini-wreath on the livingroom fireplace screen.
China cabinet in the formal dining room. Formal is just a geographic term in our house; nothing is actually formal. Ever. The white angel family on top of the cabinet is another hand-me-down from Great Aunt Alice.
I wish I knew the story behind this clay angel; she’s another family “heirloom” and I have always admired her, but I don’t where she came from. I use her as part of the centerpiece on the dining room table.
The dining room Christmas tree is decorated in gold, white and other metallics.
Another view of the gold dining room tree.
A sweet friend and coworker gave me this adorable sign this year as a gift; I love the message, but I also love that plaid border! is offering a variety of custom Christmas pillows this year, and of course I started out by testing them on my own family! More buffalo plaid? Yup. There’s probably a 12-step program I should be headed to right now.
Another new option from, these “frayed edge” pillows are a great rustic addition to any home, including mine!
I got a major assist from a wreath-making extraordinaire (AKA My Mom) for these matching greeneries, which hand on the french doors in between our dining room and den.
More vintage elements on display!
Nativity scene in our front entrance hall.
Lanterns are another decorating staple I use year-round. They go on the front porch for fall with pumpkins and hay bales, then come inside to gather around the fireplaces for winter.
The tree in our den features a blue theme, with silver and crystal details for ornaments like this star.
Merry Christmas!

I hope you enjoyed this small sneak peek inside our holiday home. We’d love for you to return the favor…post your favorite holiday decor pics from your own home to the c/curated Facebook page at

Merry Christmas!

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