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🍰 🎙️ Have you ever wondered how to get started in crypto and what are DAOs?💡🎙️

On the FinTechGen Podcast

The Cake CEO talks on the FinTech Gen podcast on episode 1: Have you ever wondered how to get started in crypto and what are DAOs?

Ben Appleby spoke to Presence Plumb recently, about crypto and DAOs. If you’re new to all things crypto you should take some time out of your day to listen to this conversation between Presence and Ben about getting started in crypto and all things DAO.

This was the first podcast episode for Presence in this guise and Ben said he really enjoyed it. He can’t wait to be invited on another episode and looking forward to chatting with Presence again.

In this episode of FinTech Gen, Ben Appleby, founder of The Cake, talks about how he came about creating the cake, his background, The Cake philosophy, his tech brain, and how that translates into working in the crypto industry and peeling all of its layers, and the magic moment his mum announced she was going to buy some Bitcoin!

  • Ben’s journey into crypto and starting The Cake
  • Advice on how to get started in crypto
  • What are DAOs
  • Do you need to be technical to get into crypto , DAOs
  • Why should non tech people learn DAOs
  • Intro to crypto wallets
  • Tips on remembering the secret passcodes
  • Ben’s startup experience
  • Challenges of being a startup founder
  • How Ben avoids burnout
  • How to find a team
  • Vision for the cake

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