Miami Pride 2016 Was A Huge Success, But Wait Till You See What The Police Did

Miami recently celebrated LGBT+ Pride over a three-day weekend, during an event that was attended by tens of thousands of people, their families, friends, and even pets!

The Miami Beach Pride Parade, like all other Pride events, is a combination of celebration and politics. They’re as much about the obstacles to human rights, and hard-won victories, as they are about visibility. If you’ve ever thought that Pride was ‘flashy’ and ‘over the top,’ that’s kind of the point! Participants at Pride events want to be seen, even if they’re in masks. It’s about presenting the gender-sexuality spectrum to observers as a fact of life rather than deplorable debauchery or flights of fancy (seriously it’s 2016, why do people still think this?).

Judging from twitterfeeds, the parade was a huge success, as it has been for the last eight years:

Among the performers this year were Jordin Sparks, and The Prancing Elites, a black queer dance troupe from Mobile, Alabama:


The event also had more sombre moments, like observing a minute of silence for those lost to HIV, at midnight on 10th April. There was also a massive presence of non-profits and support groups like Pridelines, because the sad reality is that outside of Pride events, queer people are too often in need of community outreach, health care, and even legal assistance. In fact, the phobes were hanging around too:

But in its entirety, Miami Beach Pride was the lively, colourful event it’s always been, and this year saw the support of countless businesses! Uber offered discounted rides to and from Pride, and Snapchat released several special filters for the occasion, including the quirky “I’m so proud I can’t even think straight.”

Oh, and who’s this we spy as part of the crowd?

Now that’s one cool police department.

The Miami Beach Pride Parade, like all Pride Parades, is still significant in marriage-equalized America. Because guess what, queer hate is still very real. The Daily Show recently did asegment on transphobia revealed that nearly half of all black trans Americans have been incarcerated. Too many potential heads of state have some worrying things to say about LGBT+ rights. North Carolina’s stance on the same is so bad that giant corporations like Marvel, Disney and Time Warner have planned a business boycott of the Southern state.

All of these instances show us exactly why forming networks through grand events is always important. The fight for full rights is a long one, and Miami sure knows how to do it in style.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/Chris Cardell.

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