Delivering effective customer service via social media. Where does your center stand?

Phil Barron
May 23, 2016 · 2 min read
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Here at The Call Center School, our core focus and passion has, and will always be, developing first-class, engaging content that every cog of the contact center can enjoy daily and benefit from. From Quality Analysts, to Supervisors, to the frontline agents assisting your customers this very second, we leave no stone unturned in delivering the best learning experience we possibly can.

In recent times, social customer service has been a hot topic during our coffee breaks and casual meetings. With our own first-hand experiences and perceptions of center life being openly discussed and shared internally, we thought we’d capitalize on the opportunity and reach out to our customers.

So, as social media continues to dominate established, long-standing customer support mechanisms by providing a familiar, easy to use platform for agents to reach out and communicate with customers, how is social customer service being handled in your center? Are agents actively communicating with your social customers? If so, what are their thoughts and experiences to date?

From our point of view, as customer expectations continue to evolve to match the rapid growth of the popular social media platforms we all know and love, contact centers can no longer ignore social customer service or adopt mediocre, trial and error approaches to satisfy social customers.

What’s more, the need for frustrating tone-based phone menus and generic, automated email responses is diminishing rapidly and there’s never, in our opinion, been a better opportunity for centers worldwide to embrace change and stay one step ahead of dynamic customer expectations.

We keep at the forefront of our efforts your personal and professional development, to deliver a truly cohesive learning experience that’ll you’ll be hesitant to close at the end of your working day. We welcome with smiles, open arms, open eyes, and open ears, your thoughts and experiences.

You won’t find what we can offer your workforce anywhere else. Trust us to care for you.

Change isn’t good. It’s great!

The Call Center School

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