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Africa Fantasy: Create your crypto digital wallet & earn $FEVR!

Join the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with RealFevr

Excited to get some free cryptocurrency? We are giving 1000 FEVR Tokens to everyone that is playing our Africa Fantasy 2021 since the beginning!*

*Eligible criteria:

- All the players who have registered in the Africa Fantasy 2022 since the competition opened up until January 12th, 2022 at 11 pm UTC.
- Each fantasy user, which will be identified via email, can only submit one crypto digital wallet.
- All submissions that are not compliant with the above criteria, will be classified as ineligible.

The Challenge

Create a crypto digital wallet and submit the form ( with your wallet address ID. If this is new to you, the present article will guide you throughout the process.


  1. What is a crypto digital wallet? Why is it so important?
  2. How to create a crypto digital wallet?
  3. Safety measures.

1. What is a crypto digital wallet? Why is it so important?

Right now, we are facing the shift from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.
Web 2.0 is the current version of the internet in which we are all familiar with, while Web 3.0 represents the next phase: decentralized, open, and of greater utility.

Web Evolution

Crypto digital wallets, technically called “Web 3.0 wallets”, represent an important step towards Web 3.0 implementation, as they enable you, the user, to safely store digital assets with no need for a middleman. You are in complete control of your funds and are responsible for keeping your private information safe.

RealFevr is at the forefront of technology as we are already working with Web 3.0, having a cryptocurrency called “$FEVR” token and an NFT marketplace. Our ecosystem will be updated to support Web 3.0 wallets and fantasy leagues will follow this update as we are planning to integrate the FEVR token , allowing you to compete in “Token Leagues” and earn our cryptocurrency by playing. The reason we’re doing this challenge is to prepare you for the new era of fantasy sports.

2. How to create a crypto digital wallet?

The most used Web 3.0 wallets worldwide are MetaMask and Trust Wallet. In this article, we will guide you on how to create a MetaMask wallet:

  1. First, go to and click “Download Now” to install the MetaMask browser extension. There is also a mobile app.
  2. Once MetaMask is installed, create a new wallet.
  3. Please don’t forget to write down and keep a physical copy of your seed phrase, as you need it if you ever lose access to your wallet, or if you need to set up MetaMask on alternative devices.

Once you have the MetaMask browser extension installed, you have to switch from the default network (Ethereum) to Binance Smart Chain. Let’s dig into the phases of how to do it.

  1. Open MetaMask by clicking on the fox icon. You’ll notice a dropdown tab called “Ethereum Network”.
  2. Click on the “Main Ethereum Network” at the top and select custom RPC.
  3. Add the details on step 4 and don’t forget to save!
  4. Network Name: Binance Smart Chain
    New RPC URL:
    ChainID: 0x38
    Symbol: BNB
    Block Explorer URL:
  5. Congrats! You now have a Binance Smart Chain MetaMask wallet.

Now all you have to do is to copy your address ID and submit the challenge form!

Wallet Address ID (Public Key)

3. Safety measures.

  • Is it safe to give us your wallet address ID?
    Yes! Wallet addresses can be shared safely with anyone from whom you want to receive cryptocurrency of a certain type. No one can steal your digital assets by knowing only your wallet’s public address. It is like knowing your IBAN number from a bank account.
  • What I can’t ever share?
    The answer is the seed phrase. Never share your seed phrase with anyone, under any circumstance. The seed phrase is the only way you can get your wallet back in case you ever lose access to it, or if you need to set up your MetaMask wallet on alternative devices.

About RealFevr
is a company established in 2015 in the fantasy markets with a football fantasy leagues game that currently has over 2 Million downloads on App and Play Store. With the fantasy leagues concept proven now, RealFevr is expanding to be the leader of the NFT Market by launching the first-ever Football Video NFTs Marketplace, fully backed by IP. NFTs will also be integrated into a new Football NFT P2E Game that’s currently under development

To learn more about RealFevr:

Join us on Telegram (Community), Telegram (Announcements), Discord, Twitter, and Website.



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