Announcement about the postponement of games from GW25

Feb 23 · 2 min read

Know what will happen in Italy Fantasy with the postponement of several games from Gameweek 25.

Updated 23/02 at 12:30 GMT

The following announcement clarifies what will happen with the postponement of matches from Gameweek 25 of Italy Fantasy.

Given the expected change of schedule to a place and time in the future after the end of GW25, the following games will NOT be taken into consideration for Fantasy points:

Atalanta — Sassuolo
Verona — Cagliari
Torino — Parma
Inter — Sampdoria

We could have gone with keeping the gameweek open in the future so you could make changes to your GW25 lineup when games were playerd. We could, but it was not going to be a pretty thing, game-wise.

This way, these games will be treated like all other games anticipated or postponed that occur outside the normal course of a matchweek, so if someone scores a hat-trick, don’t bother sending us emails complaining about that, or life in general. That’s why you have a bench in Classic Leagues or a bench and an open market in Draft Leagues.

On top of that, and according to Italy Fantasy classic league’s rulebook:

As a “freebie” for that weekend were you’ve got a wedding you can’t miss, the gameweek were everything went wrong or some other kind of emergency, for the total score of the season we’ll only account for your best 30 gameweeks of 34 in play.

So, even if you possess a full squad with players from these games, you’re rightly protected in terms of overall ranking.

We also take the opportunity to express our rejoice for the feedback we’ve received in the meantime regarding this decision, with that feedback being along the lines for what we had already planned to do. Our commitment has always been to make RealFevr the best Fantasy platform in the Universe and together we think we can make it.

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