Announcement about the suspension of Serie A

Know what will happen in Italy Fantasy with the suspension of Serie A.

Mar 12 · 2 min read

Updated 11/03 at 20:00 GMT
The following announcement clarifies what will happen with Italy Fantasy with the suspension of Serie A.

Despite being labelled “Fantasy”, our games rely solely on what happens on the pitch, on what is real and what is measurable.

Given the suspension of all sports activities in Italy, and therefore the suspension of the Serie A, your favorite fantasy league is now also suspended until further notice. This will have no impact on your teams until games resume again.

With the current context caused by Covid-19 throughout Europe and the rest of the World, the RealFevr team will continue to closely monitor all of our active competitions in order to adapt your preferred fantasy league platform to any type of outcome.

We also take the opportunity to thank all users for the feedback we’ve received in the past few days on this subject. Our commitment has always been to make RealFevr the best fantasy platform in the universe and, with you, we think we can do it.

Now, don’t forget to sneeze or cough at the bend of your elbow (as if you were doing a “dab”, but with less style), try to maintain the same social distance to others as a slow defender keeps to Messi and wash your hands for at least for 20 seconds, whenever you can.

Stay safe until the games return,
The RealFevr team


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