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The Call-Up

Announcement on the postponement of games in English Competitions

Know what will happen with the postponement of the matches in GW7 (English Fantasy) and GW9 (Championship Fantasy)

All Premier League (GW7) and EFL Championship (GW9) matches have been postponed following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Therefore, there will be no #EnglandFantasy and #ChampionshipFantasy this weekend. This announcement clarifies what this entails.

The real Gamewek 8 will become GW7 in England Fantasy. The same logistic applies to Championship Fantasy where the real gameweek 10 will become GW9.

In addition to this:

  • Those who use their Wildcard will have it active until the closing of the market, on September 16th, one hour before the first match (18h00 UTC for England Fantasy and 17h45 UTC for Championship Fantasy).
  • Any transfers that were made will not be reverted.
  • The player prizes will stay frozen.

Now that you know what to expect, you can brace yourself and prepare your team accordingly.

*keep in mind that there is the possibility of further postponements as a result of sudden developments

The RealFevr Team



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