The Call-Up
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The Call-Up

Bruno Fernandes is RealFevr’s new ambassador!

The Manchester United football star joined the Fevr and supports the launching of the official football video NFT marketplace.

RealFevr continues to deliver! Welcome Bruno Fernandes!

The international luso Manchester United midfielder was crowned RealFevr’s new ambassador for the launching of the official football video NFT marketplace. The announcement was made by the midfielder himself on his personal social media pages, as well as our own, but as we know that it’s summertime and you don’t feel like doing anything, we’ll leave the announcement video here.

You already knew RealFevr was the best thing that has emerged in the world of football since the invention of the offside, but there are still a lot of people living in ignorance of what RealFevr is in a daily basis.

The response on the partnership with Bruno Fernandes has been extremely positive and the hype is here to stay… and this is just the beggining. As the opening of the Marketplace approaches, many of our avid supporters and NFT enthusiasts can’t contain their excitement and anxiously await for the packs to be available.

This announcement dropped with perfect timing, not only to appease the community patiently waiting for the First Edition drop, but also to serve as proof the long term value and impact the project will have.

In addition, the first “Unique” NFT ever in the RealFevr marketplace will be a Bruno Fernandes epic goal from outside the area for Sporting CP. It will be #1 in #1, so there will only be one NFT like this in the world!

Don’t be on the offside, press higher, #JoinTheFEVR, buy FEVR tokens, go on the hunt for packs to try to obtain the “Unique” and add it to your official personal NFTs colletion!

Happy shopping!

The RealFevr Team



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