Italy Fantasy: 2018–19 season recap

The first year of Italy Fantasy at RealFevr is over. It’s time to do the math.

The 2018–19 sports season started with a bomb: Cristiano Ronaldo was leaving Real Madrid to join Juventus. Here at RealFevr, no one wanted to see the Portuguese star leave one of our competitions, so we made an effort to add the Italian League to our fantasy offer.

Now that the Serie A season has reached its end, it’s time for us to make a recap. The champion, with no surprises, was Juventus, for the 8th year in a row! As for Cristiano, his great season wasn’t enough to be crowned the MVP of the season. But he didn’t stay far behind! Let’s start with the best player of the season in Italy Fantasy:

If you thought that Ronaldo’s age was starting to show, think again! Fabio Quagliarella is 36 years old — two years older than Ronaldo! — and he is the MVP of the season in Italy Fantasy. The veteran Sampdoria striker scored 26 goals (almost half of his team’s total of 60) and made 8 assists, in 36 matches played with Sampdoria, who finished 9th in the League. Impressive numbers for Quagliarella, in a league that always valued the longevity of its athletes.

As expected, Ronaldo has a place in the season’s Dream Team. But if Juventus won the league without surprises, in the Dream Team there are some. The first is that Ronaldo is actually the only player from the Italian champion who made to this XI.

In a 4–3–3 in which the three frontmen are the best three players of the season, Atalanta is the spotlight team with three representatives. The Bergamo club finished in an amazing 3rd spot, granting a place at next season’s Champions League. Torino and Inter come next in line, with two players each, in a team that also features players from Sampdoria, Juventus, Udinese and Napoli.

To wrap this recap up, let’s look at the Top 20 players from Italy Fantasy.

With three strikers in the Top 3, the attackers stole the show this season, with eight of them in the Top 20. Defenders come next, with five players, followed by four midfielders and three goalkeepers.

In terms of clubs, it is mostly an even competition, with 13 different teams represented. Torino has the most, with four players, then Atalanta with three and Inter and Napoli with two each. The other teams with players in the Top 20 are Sampdoria, Juventus, Udinese, Milan, Cagliari, Fiorentina, Empoli, Roma and Lazio.