Italy Fantasy — Announcement about the postponement of Brescia vs. Sassoulo

Know what will happen with the postponement of the Brescia vs. Sassoulo game.

RealFevr Portugal
Oct 4, 2019 · 2 min read

The following announcement clarifies what will happen with the postponed match Brescia vs. Sassoulo regarding Gameweek 7 of the Italy Fantasy.

Given the expected change of schedule to a place after the end of GW7, this game will NOT be taken into consideration for Fantasy points.

We could keep the gameweek open so you could make changes to the GW7 lineup in the future. We could, but it was not going to be a good thing, game-wise. This way, this game will be treated like all other games anticipated or postponed that are outside of a normal course of a journey, namely:

- The game will not count for Italy Fantasy (if Immobile scores a hat-trick, don’t bother sending us emails complaining about that or life in general);

- Two (2) additional transfers will be given to accommodate changes to Gameweek 7 (yes, two extra transfers, which is more than enough to start a party).

We’ll keep this treatment given to games that are in these conditions (delayed or anticipated outside the normal sequence of the gameweek they belong to), always giving the extra transfers necessary to fill in the absence of players participating in these games.

These additional transfers also take into account the transfer maximum that you may have and are specifically adjusted for that gameweek. For example, if you have 4 accumulated transfers from previous weeks, in this round you can exceptionally make 6 transfers. If you do not use them on this journey, they will not accumulate for the next round, because you can only transit 2 for the following week, as you’d usually do.

Just as you should take this opportunity to make at least 4 transfers this week (tip for the beginners), we take the opportunity to express our rejoice for the feedback we’ve received in the meantime regarding this postponement, with that feedback being along the lines for what we had already planned to do. Our commitment has always been to make RealFevr the best Fantasy platform in the Universe and together we can go far.

Now that you know what will happen on Gameweek 7, start thinking about what you want to do with your team.

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