Italy Fantasy: now available at RealFevr!

Catennacio is no more now that Serie A is coming back to its glory days. Join in and show us what you got

Aug 13, 2019 · 2 min read

The best fantasy league for the Italian Serie A is back, and with some exciting news.

We like our service to be better every year and to get closer to our purpose: to make this the biggest global fantasy platform!

With that in mind, after the first year of the Italian top-tier league at RealFevr we’ll double down on it and on top of the Classic League were you can fight thousands of opponents, this season you’ll be able to play our Draft Model within the Serie A context.

So here it is: Italy Fantasy is open and you can create your team now. Don’t forget you can create your teams (up to five) in the Classic League and there are no limitations to participating in Draft leagues.

The real-life competition is nearing day by day, so don’t waste more time, go check each of the 20 teams in the Italian League: what they did until now, their schedule for the first couple of Gameweeks and the players you’ll want in your team.

There are plenty to pick from and the decisions won’t be easy! To join click here.

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