Liga BPI Fantasy 21/22 is now available at RealFevr!

You can now build your team in the official fantasy of the Portuguese women’s football league.

Aug 31 · 2 min read

Liga BPI Fantasy 21/22, the official Liga BPI fantasy league, is already open and you can create your Portuguese dream team here.

In partnership with the Portuguese Football Federation for the third year in a row, RealFevr organizes and manages the one and only women’s football fantasy league with the seal of a national federation.

This new season has the same competitive model as the previous one, with two separate stages, and it has three new clubs and many new players, so you’ll have to choose wisely when picking the players to have in your team. Liga BPI Fantasy 21/22 will have a preliminary stage with 7 matchdays, which will coincide with the first stage of Liga BPI (North and South), and a much harder competition with the 14 matchdays of the Champion Clearance and the Maintenance/Relegation.

  • Who will finish at the top and have a chance to go to the Champions League?

All these questions will start to be answered this weekend!

Liga BPI’s first match, SCU Torreense vs. GD Estoril Praia, will take place this Saturday, the 4th of September at 15h00 GMT+1, which means that the market will close one hour earlier, at 14h00 GMT+1. Until then, you have unlimited transfers and substitutions so that you can test all the options and form the best squad possible to lead you to victory. Check the price of each player, take into account all the variables and prove you are the best women’s football fantasy coach out there.

Let us remind you that you can only create 1 #LigaBPIFantasy team, unless you subscribe to the RealFevr Premium. In that case, you can create up to 3 teams and thus increase the probability of finishing the season at the top of the ranking table. Find out more about the Premium subscription in the article below.

And speaking of winning, as we are Liga BPI’s official fantasy league, we will have official prizes to offer throughout the season. Soon we will tell you everything about it in an article fully dedicated to the prizes.

Until then, don’t waste another moment, venture out and build your #LigaBPIFantasy dream team here. Invite your friends and nicely beat them all to prove you’re the best fantasy manager!

Good luck,

The RealFevr Team

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